Hillary & Hills Certified Public Accountants


Accountancy services:

Services to our clients in this area include setting up integrated accounting systems, such systems encompass design and implementation of relevant business cycle procedures with respect to documentation and control.
Analysis of existing accounting system with a view to determining weaknesses and making improvements especially in terms of record keeping, we also determine appropriate book keeping policies and undertake to the drawing of financial regulations .Preparation of financial statements namely Balance Sheet (Statement of financial position) , income statements (statement of comprehensive income), appropriation statements and statement of cash flows.
Focuses on the needs of each individual organization and it depends on the size, nature of the business, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), International Accounting Standards (IASs) are adhered to in the process of providing this service,

Audit and investigation

Our firm provides auditing and assurance services for organisations that require this service. As a requirement, financial statements must be certified by an independent person, the use of risk based approach is applied to all audits, this depends on the nature, size and internal controls of a business. This approach ensures an efficient and effective audit. Our audits are pre-planned and internal control system is assessed to determine the level of tests of control to be carried out to provide an opinion.

Tax consultancy;

Involves working hand in hand with our clients and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in resolving client tax matters. We strive to ensure that our clients file tax returns in time and comply with the Income Tax Act 1997 to avoid complex tax situations. We can and do assist our clients to minimize tax exposure, maintain tax records to comply with various taxes. We assist clients to contest tax assessments, carry out tax planning. We are in touch of the current and updates with the tax issues as far as E-tax and other taxation matters are concerned.

Business Development Services

This service is geared towards entrepreneurship development. Most small businesses need to be guided to be able to achieve their dreams, with the help of Hillary & Hills this can be achieved.

Finance and administration

This is done through financial administration where we are able to undertake accounting and finance tasks on behalf of the clients, leave them to focus on other core business issues such as maximizing share holder return.

Company secretarial services;

Such as filing annual returns and changes in the organization is provided by our able staff

Feasibility studies, project evaluation  and preparation business plans;

These are vital processes for a new, growing and diversifying business, with our support, clients would be able to see their business feasibility clearly in terms of the vision and financial focus.
Through discussion with our clients, we can help to concretize business investments ideas through factual investigation and analysis. This may be done under the frame work of techniques like cost –benefit analysis sensitivity analysis and forecasting. Such orderly and seasoned procedures always lead to feasible decisions.

Investment advisory services

Our firm has acquired varied skills in treasury and investment management. Our firm has experience in composing investments portfolios and working with offshore investment companies/banks. We have built up financial models for various clients to enable them plan their businesses and cash management

Business recovery services;

Under this line of business our firm renders practical solutions that assist executives with corporate re- engineering approaches and turn around strategies, this function includes:

  • Receivership and corporate re-alignment
  • Mergers, consolidation and liquidation
  • Advise on business acquisitions and evaluations


our firm has gained experience in carrying out training and facilitating seminars and workshops for various organizations. We work together with our clients in identifying training needs and design appropriate interventions. We have conducted training workshops in corporate governance, financial and accounting procedures, credit control management, marketing, customer care, budgeting etc.

Executive search and selection services

Human resource management is a core function of any strategically minded business executive. We offer a wide range of services under human resource management, these include; executive search and selection, man power planning, job analysis, evaluation and competent profiling etc

Information systems

Today, amidst a competitive business environment, more data is collected than ever before and the number of variables that an organization can monitor has grown dramatically. In response to this, progressive management in any growing business concern requires to attach priority to a neat and timely flow of information. This calls for an informational interface among all users that is characterized by a faster information processing, systematic storage and instant retrieval
Hillary & Hills have a proficiency in planning, design and implementing of both manual and computerized business information systems to satisfy our client needs. This service may be provided along the following lines

  • Design an integrated information system that conform with the organizations particular needs so that all functional areas are linked to one another by relational information interface
  • Review existing information systems with objective of determining system weaknesses and subsequently make corrective recommendations
  • Translation of manual information system into computerized information system
  • Organizing and providing support to such information systems designed by our clients
Hillary & Hills. For auditing & consulting is an assurance and business advisory firm established to provide its clients with high quality and professional services.
Our vision
To be one of the leading auditing and consulting firm in the region in terms of providing professional services, number of employees and number of partners and representatives.

Risk assessments

We perform our risk assessments separately for each significant source of information